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WCCT has many years of experience in the collection of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) as a unique study or during the first-in-human single or multiple dose studies. We have carried out trials where only one or two lumbar punctures with single CSF sampling were required, as well as those with up to 48 hours of serial CSF collection at multiple time points. Our board-certified anesthesiologists provide highly trained nursing and medical support throughout the entire study. Conducted in a strict GCP environment, sample processing, storage and shipment for analysis can be tailored to the unique requirements of each biomarker.

WCCT’s on-site treatment room provides a spacious, sterile environment for these critical study procedures, sparing patients and clients the unnecessary scheduling difficulties of a hospital setting. If study protocol requires it, WCCT  anesthesiologists can place the intrathecal catheters utilizing fluoroscopy. During the catheterization period and approximately 24 hours post-catheter removal, subjects are required to lie down with limited movement. As an example, restroom use and sitting up to eat. This restriction in movement helps to reduce the incidence of spinal headaches and also fosters good catheter placement.

The PK/PD relationship (plasma and CSF) of Arbaclofen, the R-enantiomer of the GABAb agonist, baclofen, has been evaluated at WCCT CRG. It was determined that the SCF penetration of the r-enantiomer (Arbaclofen) of baclofen at clinically relevant plasma concentrations was not associated with sedation. The ability to document CSF penetration of the active enantiomer and the absence of sedation are very strong indicators that Arbaclofen will not cause sedation during routine use in patients.

Hep C

WCCT has conducted 40 studies over the past 10 years using both healthy and special populations across all clinical trial phases.


WCCT’s Pediatric Center of Excellence includes more than five leading principal and subinvestigators in this important field. The center works with sponsors in both early-development and late-stage research to offer strategies that more rapidly demonstrate the pharmacokinetics, safety, tolerance and pharmacologic activity of the new compounds being tested in children.

WCCT conducts pediatric studies in the following therapeutic areas:
  • Allergy and asthma
  • Infectious diseases and immunology
  • Dermatology
  • Child psychology and psychiatry
  • Gastroenterology
  • Drug delivery device evaluation


WCCT can provide you with a key strategic advantage. Our access to healthy volunteers and patients of diverse ethnic lineage enables us to rapidly get the information you need to launch a global development program months ahead of the classic development paradigms – saving you time and money.

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Early Clinical Development


Our group manages 900+ NASH patients. Dr. John Hong, our PI, has been a gastroenterologist for 14 years and is part of the second-largest GI group in California. Its in-house surgery center fosters a comfortable patient experience.

Over the past several years, the practice has also added:
  • GI Imaging Center (CT enterography, CT colonography, ultrasound) accredited by the American College of Radiology
  • Center for Medical Weight Loss
  • Anatomic Pathology Lab accredited by The Joint Commission (National Quality Approval Award)

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