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Clinical Studies for Patients

Get connected with potential new treatments which may help improve your condition.

Clinical Studies for Patients

Do you have a disease or condition for which you would like to discover potential new treatment options? WCCT is committed to connecting patients with the treatment options and clinical research studies which can help to improve their lives and the lives of future patients such as yourself. WCCT currently specializes in conducting clinical studies for patients in various therapeutic areas.

Medical Studies for Patients With:

Kidney Disease

Do you have kidney disease or one of many renal impairments? Find out more information about your condition, potential treatment options, lifestyle tips, support groups and advocacy, and medical research studies for which you may qualify!

Liver Disease

There are various forms of liver disease of various prevalence and severity. If you have a hepatic impairment such as Hepatitis C, cirrhosis, liver failure, or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, we would like to help make a difference by connecting you with clinical studies for patients such as yourself!

Eye Disease

WCCT is an industry-leading expert in connecting patients with eye disease to medical research studies that may improve their condition and help to develop treatments for patients in the future. If you suffer from an ophthalmic condition, we would like to help you in your search for the perfect treatment!

Stomach Disease

Thousands of medicines and therapies have been developed thanks to our clinical trial volunteers. Our combined efforts will advance global health and promote better medicines and therapies for patients everywhere.

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