Clinical Monitoring

Clinical Monitoring

Our goal is to not simply manage and close your clinical study, but to always surpass your expectations.

Clinical Monitoring Services

WCCT Global’s Clinical Research Associations (CRAs) are highly-trained professionals who have demonstrated efficiency in managing investigator sites and performing all duties associated with clinical monitoring such as:

  • Site Identification and Feasibility
  • Site Selection and Qualification Visits
  • Study-specific training for site personnel
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) monitoring, including motivational and training visits
  • Source Documentation review, CRG review, and Query Resolution
  • Review of Investigational Product Accountability and storage
  • Review of safety information for all subjects
  • Monitoring and reporting of study progress
  • Documentation and reporting of protocol deviations
  • Database lock and study closeout

WCCT offers options for remote clinical data review in addition to on-site monitoring services. This offering allows for more informed decision making with cleaner interim data and more rapid database locks.

WCCT’s Clinical Monitoring Team

Our clinical monitoring team is dedicated to managing clinical sites through earning their trust. As a standard, our team is proactive in its mission to develop effective partnerships between study sponsors, CROs, and research sites. We are dedicated to consistently delivering quality operational excellence and technological ingenuity which will result in a level of service and safety for your clinical program that is unmatched in the industry.

Our current CRA team consists of personnel who all have more than 10 years of clinical monitoring experience and have monitored all phases of research. When assigning a CRA to your program, not only do we ensure that they have the educational background and experience necessary to respond to your program’s unique requirements, but that they are therapeutically aligned. Furthermore, our clinical monitoring team is experienced in all EDC, IWRS/IVRS, and CTMS platforms, allowing us to easily operate within your program.

In order to maintain a high level of quality in our team by conducting an annual Quality Assessment Visit (QAV) with each of our CRAs.

We are guided by maintaining flexibility, providing unmatched customer service, and ensuring transparency on every clinical monitoring assignment. We are convinced that this results in better functioning teams, lower CRA turnover, and enhanced quality data. Collectively, our team is dedicated to doing whatever necessary in order to conduct your trial successfully with a guarantee of compliance, completing deliverables in a timely fashion, high quality, and operating within budgets.


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