Protocol Writing

Protocol Writing

Clinical study design is the first step to clinical success.

Protocol writing, Optimized for the Clinical Development Path

With so much at stake, it’s critical to rely on the right study design optimized for each step of your clinical development path. The wrong decisions during the study design phase can lead to study delays, increased costs and lost time to market.

Leverage the depth and breadth of the WCCT  team’s experience to design your path through the clinic. Our advisory board, team physicians and advisors are internationally recognized thought leaders in their respective fields.

Simply put, we know when new agents are coming into clinical development and how to create the best design to move your treatment through the clinic.

A fully optimized study design requires rapid access to the right patients. It’s about selecting the right countries with the right investigators, while having a complete familiarity with regulatory requirements for each.

The last component is about operations; our highly experienced clinical operations team understands the issues facing complex trials. This translates into better problem identification and decision-making during the planning process.

Collaborative Approach. Data Driven.

Our data-driven decision-making, strategic and operational expertise, and transparent and collaborative approach enable us to design the right clinical development plan for your program.

With WCCT, you can be confident that your study design is a custom design and is optimized for each step (data, patients, safety, efficacy, regulatory) to get you the answers you need and a clear path through the clinic.

Our study design services include:
  • Protocol design
  • Clinical development plan design
  • Commercialization plan
  • Regulatory approach
  • Country and site selection
  • Protocol optimization


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