Study Rescue

Clinical Trial Rescue

Getting your study back on track.

A Fresh Perspective for Your Clinical Trial Rescue

Clinical trials don’t always go as planned. Even when you have a great CRO watching your back. WCCT has been entrusted with the clinical trial rescue of many studies, reversing timeline and budget issues to get the study back on track.

Missing key milestones can result from a number of different issues: patient enrollment, site training, data quality or execution issues. And some might be caused by your current CRO.

If your site is behind schedule, or if you’re frustrated with constant CRO change orders, we’re happy to take a fresh look. Sometimes, the issues are obvious. Other times, they take a more detailed review; in many instances, we’ve found that patient enrollment delays were caused by the poor site selection or an improper sequence of site onboarding or training.

Our Track Record of Success

While rescue studies are often challenging, we’ve been entrusted with a number of them by our sponsor clients.

Our clinical trial rescue procedure includes:
  • Review and assessment of all study elements
  • Identification of key issues preventing study success
  • Trial rescue plan focused on resolving current bottlenecks and study challenges
  • Expedited study schedule to get it back on track
  • Complete solution to regain lost time and momentum

In virtually every case, the new team has been able to reverse almost all problems and regain most of the lost time, with minimal additional expense to the sponsor.


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