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A message from WCCT regarding the Coronavirus


The safety of our clinical trial volunteers and employees is WCCT’s top priority. We have been actively monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spread since January 2020, and have added supplemental measures based on information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO). In order to maintain a safe environment for our volunteers, employees, and partners, WCCT is taking the following steps:


  • Minimizing exposure at our facility. All trial volunteers, employees, vendors, and sponsors will have their temperature checked prior to entry to our facility. Volunteers will go through additional phone and in-person questioning before conducting a study visit. We have also limited all non-essential access to our Phase I Clinical Pharmacology Unit (CPU). Our intent is to minimize potential exposure while ensuring clinical trial continuity to the maximum extent possible.


  • Enhanced cleaning protocols. We have increased the frequency of cleaning service in our facility and have provided additional hand sanitizer stations, including at the entry/exit. We have also increased the quantity of disinfectant wipes available for visitors and employees throughout our facility.


  • Education and communication. We are in close communication with our on-trial and potential volunteers, and are providing them with information about how they can stay safe and healthy during this time. We are also preparing them for what to expect at WCCT when they visit, given our enhanced screening and safety measures. Our employees receive frequent updates on the COVID-19 situation, including precautionary tips and best practices to stay safe.


As drug development companies all around the globe look for ways to prevent the virus from spreading and managing symptoms to treat those who have become infected, we would like to take this time to remind the community of our experience working on vaccines. Since 2008, WCCT has taken part in over 20 vaccine trials for various indications, including: Influenza, RSV, Norovirus, HPV, HSV, and Ebola.

WCCT stands at the ready to help support the development of vaccines in whatever manner possible at our clinical pharmacology unit located in Cypress, CA. If you would like to inquire with us regarding conducting a clinical study of a vaccine targeting COVID-19, please reach out to us through our website here.

Our priority remains keeping WCCT volunteers and employees safe and well-informed while doing what we can to help minimize potential spread of the coronavirus. We will continue to dedicate significant resources and efforts to mitigate the risks while still ensuring business continuity to the greatest extent possible. If you are currently conducting a clinical trial with us, you might already be in communication with your WCCT Project Manager about further trial continuity measures that we’ve implemented to safeguard your trial and the trial volunteers. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at if you have questions or concerns.

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