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Conduct Your Phase 1 Trial Right the First Time

While a Phase 1 trial may be the shortest and least expensive stage in your product’s development, there are no shortage of complexities and nuances to be discussed and strategic decisions to be made when planning this trial or evaluating a partner to manage it for you.

A Phase 1 trial will set the pace, standards, and trajectory for the remainder of your clinical development program with a compound, and therefore, should be viewed as something more than a box to check on your pathway to market approval. For large pharma and start-up biotech Sponsors alike, your goal should be to execute this project right the first time.

To help you accomplish this, we have produced this E-book entitled Getting Phase 1 Trials Right the First Time: A Professional Guide for Clinical Trial Personnel, which sets forth standards for design, conduct, and monitoring of early phase trials in several short reads. We hope you will find it valuable and useful when planning your next project.

Key Takeaways

Within this document, you will find various strategies, recommendations, and items to consider when planning your next Phase 1 trial, segmented by topics such as:

  • Evaluating Phase 1 trial site proposals
  • Reducing Study Start-Up time
  • Proper Risk Mitigation planning
  • Incorporating patients into your trial
  • Staff training and efficient personnel assignment
  • Designing Phase 1 trials to support global drug development
WCCT Global is committed to delivering a better standard for Phase 1 clinical trials and believes that this approach is what should be expected from a partner, no matter what stage of development. If you would like to discuss your upcoming Phase 1 trial and see how we might be able to support its success, please reach out to us via our Request for Information page.


Please take advantage of this compilation of knowledge and learning and then reach out to discuss how WCCT can add further value to your upcoming Phase 1 trial.

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