PBMC Isolation

PBMC Isolation

In the wake of collaborations with the Stanford School of Medicine and various industry partners, WCCT Global has recognized the need to routinely isolate Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell (PBMCs) to characterize the human immune response to disease and various immune-targeted therapeutic agents.

PBMC isolation is one of WCCT’s core competencies. Through effective harvesting, processing, and analysis of PBMCs, researchers are able to evaluate immune responses to therapeutic agents and gain a deeper understanding of immune system function pre-dose, post-dose, and at other integral stages of testing.

Laboratory Overview

WCCT’s laboratory for PBMC isolation has worked closely with the Stanford School of Medicine to certify collection and isolation procedures. WCCT has performed direct comparisons of major techniques for PBMC isolation including those using Cell Preparation Tube (CPT) and Lymphoprep tubes in order to demonstrate the performance of various methods available to its clients. WCCT also works with clients to design and validate custom protocols to directly meet their needs.

To view WCCT’s process for PBMC isolation, watch this video.

  • Five Class II Biological safety cabinets
  • Seven refrigerated high-capacity centrifuges
  • Multiple platforms for cell counting and viability assessment including:
    • Nexcellom Cellometer K2
    • Bio-Rad TC-20
  • Two -80C monitored freezers
  • Nexcellom Cellometer
  • Bio-Rad T-20
  • Capacity to process up to 200 blood samples per day

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