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COSTA MESA, Calif.,/IReach-PRNewswire/–Orange County-based contract research organization WCCT Global presented the results of a recently-conducted influenza clinical study at the 2015 Annual ICAAC meeting hosted in San Diego, CA. The study was conducted at the CRO’s dedicated Influenza Challenge Research facility in Costa Mesa, CA. Between January and March 2015, WCCT was able to successfully recruit over 400 volunteers, all of which had not received an influenza vaccine within the past two years, to participate in the study evaluating immunity to the H1N1 influenza virus.

WCCT Global’s Influenza Challenge Research facility was integral to the success of this study. The facility is a Clinical Pharmacology Unit with 30 private rooms. The facility is also capable of harvesting and preserving PBMCs for future research. Currently, WCCT Global’s facility is the only commercial facility in the United States capable of conducting an influenza clinical study of this kind. Furthermore, the CRO owns the only Challenge Virus A/California/2009 (H1N1) in the United States.

WCCT’s infectious disease specialist and principal investigator, Bonnie Bock, M.D., comments on the findings of the influenza clinical study: “This study demonstrates that up to 30% of the general population lacks immunity to H1N1. This is a population that would be at risk for an H1N1 pandemic, but would also be eligible for inclusion in our influenza challenge research studies. Despite widespread recommendations for all individuals to receive a yearly influenza vaccine, there are those who choose not to receive it and are therefore more susceptible to illness and complications, which raises a concern for public health.”

When asked about this study’s contribution to the field of vaccine research, Mel Affrime, WCCT Global’s Sr. Vice President of Translational Medicine had this to say: “Our influenza challenge research studies will continue to collect data that ultimately leads to the development of newer vaccines and therapeutics. We are eager to continue our research in this field and look forward to discovering more about the influenza virus and other infectious diseases.”

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