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Kidney Disease

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New treatments for patients with kidney disease are being developed everyday! Take a look at some recent advancements in kidney disease treatment:

New Study Reveals Drug for Blood Sugar Also Lowers Risk of Kidney Disease

“New research, conducted by scientists at the George Institute for Global Health in Sydney, Australia, suggests that a drug that has so far only been used to lower blood sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes has more than just one therapeutic effect.”

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Phase 3B Open-Label Study to Optimize Dose for Prevention of Clotting During Hemodialysis Procedures

“The results of this study demonstrated that a flexible dosing regiment of FRAGMIN administered into the arterial side of extracorporeal system during the HD sessions of subjects with chronic renal failure was effective and well tolerated…”

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Metabolomics for Clinical Use and Research in Chronic Kidney Disease

“The use of metabolomics has been instrumental in identifying new biomarkers of Chronic Kidney Disease…”

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Artificial Inplantable Kidney Team Offers Clarity About Human Testing Plan

“The Artificial Implantable Kidney Team at the University of California San Francisco suggested that they are continuing to make “good progress” on pre-clinical studies (research that begins before human testing) and are continuing to move toward human trials with no further anticipated delays. ”

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Open-label Trial to Determine Which Antihypertensive was Most Beneficial for CKD Patients

“Addition of diuretics, CCB, or ACEI to ARB was equally effective for the control of hypertension in CKD, while, in terms of urinary excretion of protein, diuretics may be better than CCB.”

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Kidney Disease

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