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 Patient Recruitment can be much more Effective when Advertising on Search Engines.

Advertising on search engines for patient recruitment efforts has been around for years. Over the past few years, those forms of advertising have become very expensive due to the amount of competition people bidding on certain key words.  How does this affect patient recruitment? It makes advertising much less effective this way because so many people are advertising on the same searches that companies ads are not showing as often and budgets are being used quickly for fewer clicks.

What is the remedy to this? The secret is long tailing search terms. When an organization implements long tailing into their campaign, it allows the advertisements to be shown more often and using less resources. This method even though has been around for some time, still is not being utilized with many companies who perform patient recruitment.  Long tailing key words allows for companies doing the advertising to have their ads shown on many variations of the most competitive searches for a much lower cost. This is extremely powerful for patient recruitment.

An effective patient recruitment strategy needs to ultimately be data-driven. Trying to use data from very generic keyword searches can prove difficult. Instead of using short, generic keyword searches, companies utilizing a pay-per-click strategy of any kind should attempt to research the longer, more specific phrases that their potential patient base may be using while conducting online searches. For example, if you wish to recruit for clinical studies that need Normal Healthy volunteers, you might try targeting keywords that make use of that information. Don’t forget to use the same targeted keywords in your ad copy (if approved) as well as on whatever page on your website you are driving traffic to. The best keyword ads are the ones that are the most relevant to actual searches, so you’ll want consistency throughout the entire process to establish that relevancy. Please contact us if you need help implementing an effective, keyword search based patient recruitment strategy.

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