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Successful Completion of 48 Patient Ophthalmology Clinical Study

COSTA MESA, Calif., March 14, 2013/PRWeb/–WCCT Global, a contract research organization headquartered in Southern California, announced today their overwhelming success in the completion of 4 Cohorts, consisting of 48 Glaucoma subjects, in a developing 60 patient Ophthalmology clinical study. The study protocol called for 60 patients, from multiple population groups, to be randomized with Glaucoma. In less than 4 months WCCT Global quickly recruited and screened 130 patients with Glaucoma and successfully randomized the first 48 participants, meeting all study timelines.

WCCT Global’s continued success in this study is attributed to their extensive network of physicians and their innovative recruitment process. The organizations clinical trial patient recruitment strategy makes use of cutting edge digital technologies, social media platforms, and advanced targeting methods which can identify patients based on their indication, age, lifestyle, gender, and location. Being able to identify patients from around the globe and across the country proved to be an asset for this Ophthalmology clinical study, as well as all other patient population studies conducted by WCCT Global. The ability to recruit patients beyond Normal Healthy Volunteers allows WCCT Global to offer a unique service to sponsors, one which is likely to reduce costs and timelines while increasing efficiency.

WCCT Global’s Chief Operating Officer Jon Rojas stated, “With our network of top Ophthalmology investigators and our cutting edge recruitment tactics, WCCT Global is setting the industry standard for conducting and executing Phase I Ophthalmology clinical studies.” This Phase l study required randomizing 60 Glaucoma patients in a single site and required 6 overnight stays in less than 4 months. WCCT Global has been an industry leader in conducting Ophthalmology clinical study, with an emphasis in Early Phase studies. Recently, WCCT Global completed an overnight Ophthalmic Phase I trial of 12 Japanese Glaucoma patients as part of a Japanese bridging trial, as well as a half dozen other phase l Glaucoma trials in the last several years. WCCT Global continues to pave the way in research studies for many new developments in Ophthalmology.

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