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International Patient Recruitment Just Got Better…

COSTA MESA, Calif., Nov. 26, 2013 /PRWeb/ — Southern California headquartered CRO, WCCT Global, announces today that they have implemented an international patient recruitment strategy. This international patient program is led by the use of an in-depth social media strategy and optimized search engine approach. In addition, WCCT Global has a complete design team that is able to produce any print materials needed for a campaign in any language. Each print material for a study is connected to a digital website where the viewer can scan with their smart phone and sign up for a study without ever having to make a phone call.

Patient Recruitment has always been the deciding factor if a clinical trial will be executed or not. Pharmaceutical companies call on organizations that have a solution to finding the qualified subjects needed. Typically, many sponsors are forced to choose multiple agencies to help locate and enroll subjects for their studies. If a company is conducting a clinical trial in the U.S. and simultaneously  conducting the same study in international territory, the typical choice would be made to partner with a patient recruitment agency in the U.S. and a separate agency internationally.  Now there is a solution that simplifies this process and allows sponsors to be more efficient with their recruitment efforts. WCCT Global is offering patient recruitment programs that allow sponsors to run all recruitment efforts to all sites whether national or international. This process has been developed through the use of a cutting edge social media and digital media campaign that allows WCCT Global to target patient communities based on lifestyle. This approach allows sponsors to express the exact patient populations needed to WCCT Global and based on what is trending for lifestyles for those individuals, they are able to develop and mobile targeted recruitment campaign.

By Matt Miller

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