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WCCT’s Clinical Pharmacology Unit: Virtual Tour

WCCT acknowledges that the ability for our partners to evaluate a clinical pharmacology unit firsthand is an important step in the process of determining a suitable partner for the conduct of Phase 1 clinical trials.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WCCT has implemented enhanced safety protocols at its facility, including increased cleaning and decontamination measures, social distancing of staff and clinical research volunteers, and limiting the number of people who are physically present in the building at any given time. As a result, WCCT is currently encouraging our partners to “tour” our facility “virtually” as an alternative to physical, on-site tours that are commonly taken during site feasibility evaluations and qualification visits.

We have created the following video series which provides an overview of the various areas within our clinical pharmacology unit that are important to the conduct of Phase 1 clinical trials. The order of the videos is meant to mirror both how we would conduct an in-person tour, as well as recreate the stages in which both research participants and other visitors would experience our facility.

By watching this video series, Sponsors and other partners will learn more about WCCT’s:

  • Location, service offerings, and volunteer database
  • Screening procedures including newly added COVID-19 testing platforms
  • Dedicated area for clinical research volunteer eligibility screening
  • Phase 1 clinical trial admission and check-in procedures
  • Procedural areas and overnight accommodations
  • On-site laboratories, including the CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified Safety Reference Laboratory
  • Pharmacy with USP-797/800 compliant clean room for sterile drug preparation
  • Smoking chambers to support clinical studies related to tobacco products and electronic nicotine delivery systems

WCCT remains committed to helping Sponsors in meeting their early phase clinical objectives while doing its part to minimize the spread of the coronavirus both within our clinical pharmacology unit located in Cypress, CA and in our community at large. If you would like to discuss the potential for conducting a Phase 1 clinical trial with WCCT, please reach out to us through our website here or e-mail us directly at

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