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Coronavirus / COVID-19: Updates from WCCT 

[Monday, March 23, 2020] In compliance with CA Governor Gavin Newsom’s statewide shelter-at-home mandate, WCCT will be pausing operations at its facility for the next two weeks, with plans to re-open in early April. Upon re-opening, WCCT expects to have the capability to test for the presence of COVID-19 in-house using its Safety Reference Laboratory, at which point all staff and clinical study volunteers will be tested for the virus.

[Thursday, March 19, 2020] In adherence to the recently released FDA guidance on conducting clinical trials amidst the coronavirus outbreak, WCCT has implemented various operational changes at our clinical pharmacology unit in Cypress, CA. We understand more than anything that the situation is fluid and we will be closely monitoring announcements coming from health agencies as well as federal and local government to appropriately adapt our response plan as it pertains to conducting clinical trials at our facility.

Beyond this, as an organization, we would like to join the effort to combat coronavirus in whatever ways possible. We are thankful for the many life science organizations that are shifting their focus or their platforms towards the development of both vaccines and antiviral treatments—we are prepared to do the same.

While we balance the many needs of our partners at this time, we are sensitive to the fact that a solution must be prioritized, and as such our leadership is prepared to discuss projects dedicated towards finding a solution to COVID-19 with urgency.

Now more than ever there is great need for scientific, medical, and operational expertise in the area of infectious disease and vaccine development. When applicable projects come to our doors, we are confident in our ability to execute them in a manner which demonstrates that expertise. If you would like to learn more about our experience in this area, please read more here.

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