Los Angeles, CA / May 10, 2010 / West Coast Clinical Trials (WCCT, www.wcct.com) hosted a free asthma screening for the community of Los Angeles and surrounding areas Friday, May 7, 2010 at the Superior Supermarket located on 7316 Compton Ave. The turnout for the event was larger than expected and provided participants with free peak flow asthma evaluations and educational materials for those affected with asthma. KABC-TV covered the event, interviewing CEO and Founder of WCCT Kenneth Kim, MD and Veronica Soto, PA.

WCCT typically provides screenings for asthma, allergies, and diabetes for communities that have high instances of those conditions and provides free information on symptoms, causes and possible treatments.

“Patients don’t realize that they are being under treated. Frequently, people will get some Albuterol, which is a quick acting inhaler,” said Dr. Kim. “But the actual guidelines for asthma are if you are actually using your Albuterol more than twice a week then you really need to be on a controlled medicine.”

Story and Video can be found on KABC-TV’s website.

West Coast Clinical Trials (WCCT, wcct.com) is a privately held 120-bed clinic located in Southern California that specializes in early clinical drug development. WCCT partners with companies to help design their drug development strategy, draft protocols, and execute their phase I and phase IIa proof of concept programs. WCCT has a unique focus on ethnobridging studies along with extensive experience with healthy volunteer and specialty trials (allergy, asthma, infectious disease, pediatric, renal and vaccines).