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Orlando, FL / April 3, 2008 /
WCCT is pleased to announce the presentation of one of the largest Asian bridging trials done by a single site at this year’s American Society of Clinical Pharmacology annual meeting in Orlando, Florida titled, “INCREASED SYSTEMIC EXPOSURE TO ROSUVASTATIN IN ASIAN SUBJECTS RESIDING IN THE UNITED STATES COMPARED TO CAUCASIAN SUBJECTS” The study involved enrolling 27 Japanese, 26 Chinese, 25
Vietnamese, 26 Korean, 26 Asian Indian, and 26 Caucasians, and demonstrated approximately double the area under the curve (AUC) for all Asian subgroups which
was intermediate as compared to the Caucasian reference group. As a result of this study and several other earlier studies, the dosing recommendations for rosuvastatin is recommended to be
half of the dose recommended for Caucasians. WCCT, a phase I CRO with a special strength in recruiting Asian subpopulations, is particularly well situated to enroll any Asian subpopulation based on it’s location in the Los Angeles metropolitan
area, home to large populations of ethnic Chinese, Japanese, Asian Indians, Cambodians, Vietnamese, and Koreans within a 30 mile radius of the site.

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