Extensive Early-Phase Development Experience

● 180 beds available at our Phase 1 clinical trial unit
● Over 500 Phase 1 studies performed
● Various study designs supported: FIH, SAD/MAD, PK/PD, and more


h1n1 virus - influenza challenge

The First U.S. Clinical Pharmacology Unit Able to Conduct Influenza Challenge Research

WCCT is the first commercial U.S. site that can drive and accelerate influenza clinical trials through strategic identification of seronegative volunteers and optimal timing of enrollment.



Breadth and Depth in Phase 1-2a Ophthalmology Clinical Research

● Network of 30+ ophthalmology research sites across the U.S.
● Recruitment of patients with corneal disorders, retinal diseases, and glaucoma / ocular hypertension
● Ophthalmology-specialized staff in clinical operations and project management


Clinical Expertise to Fuel Your Study

As a CRO specialized in early clinical development, we offer clinical trial services, overnight observation capabilities at our Phase 1 clinical site, and regulatory support. We utilize a collaborative approach which centers on taking your product to the next stage of development. WCCT is focused in these key areas:

Ethnic Bridging

WCCT has conducted over 185 Asian Ethnic Bridging trials, enrolling Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese and other Asian ethnicities.

Tobacco, Nicotine, and Smoking

With state-of-the-art smoking facilities and in-house scientific and regulatory expertise, WCCT helps Sponsors fulfill PMTA requirements and supports the development of tobacco, nicotine, and electronic nicotine device systems (ENDS) product review applications.

Vaccines and Viral Challenge

The WCCT research unit is the first ever influenza challenge site approved for commercial use in the U.S. We work to streamline clinical development of new vaccines, delivery systems, treatments and antimicrobial agents to post-approval quickly and effectively.


Due to our extensive early clinical development experience and emphasis on overnight confinement, WCCT delivers a comprehensive new level of data collection to early phase ophthalmology studies. Additionally, WCCT’s vast site network allows Sponsors to move seamlessly from Phase 1 to Phase 2.

Strategically Delivered Clinical Services

WCCT is committed to serving as an end-to-end solution for early clinical development. Therefore, we have geared all of our personnel, processes, partnerships, and vendors to suit the specific needs of early phase clinical trials:

  • Regulatory expertise for complex and specialty trial designs
  • Project Managers with extensive background in Phase 1 trials
  • Safety Reference Laboratory with 24/7 availability
  • Dedicated Recruitment Department with proven retention programs

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