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FAQs for Clinical Volunteers

If you want to know more about clinical trials or are considering participating in one, the following frequently asked questions describe the role of a patient and will help you understand this unique research program.

Category Question Response
Confinement Will I have to stay at your facility during the entire inpatient stay? Yes. Studies with an inpatient stay will require participants to stay with WCCT for the duration of the study.
Entertainment Is there any entertainment available for free time? We have an entertainment room with a flat screen TV and a few computers. You are welcome to relax in the room in between procedures.
Food/Drinks Can I bring outside food/drinks? No. Unfortunately, outside food and drinks are not allowed. This includes any personal snacks for inpatient studies. While not always the case, some food and drink might interfere with how the study drug reacts in the body. To reduce possible risks, we do not allow outside food or drink.
Laundry Can I do laundry for long in-patient stays? Yes, we have a washing machine and dryer available for use on-site.
Parking Will I be charged for parking at WCCT? For the most part, parking is free. However, for studies with extended in-patient stays, WCCT may provide incentives for those who get dropped off or carpool. It is preferred that you get dropped off to ensure the safety of your vehicle while you are at our facility.
Payment How much is compensation? Compensation varies depending on the study design and procedures.
Payment When will I be paid? You’ll be paid throughout the study period.
Payment How will I be paid–cash, check, or bank deposit? Compensations will be paid by checks only. We do not provide money wiring services to your bank account. In some cases, gift cards are provided, but this will be specified in your consent form
Payment How is the study compensation determined?  The compensation is determined by the procedures completed, study design, and the length of your participation.
Personal Belongings Can I bring my laptop? Yes.
Personal Belongings Will there be a locker or a safe for valuable items? No. Unfortunately, we do not have locekrs or safes for study participants. It is advised that you do not bring valuable items with you, and keep your belongings on-person as frequently as possible.
Personal Belongings Can I bring anything I want with me to the inpatient stay? There are restrictions on what you can and cannot bring into a WCCT facility during inpatient stays. This includes food and beverages (see above) and personal toiletries. Discuss this with our recruitment staff prior to check-in.
Room Will I have my own room? In some cases, yes. We offer private rooms for specific clinical trials, but for others you will have to share. Room assignment will be handled by the Charge Nurse and floor staff.
Room Who will be assigned in the same room? Room assignment will be done by our Charge Nurse according to participants’ gender, protocol, age, etc. You are not allowed to exchange trade room assignments with other study participants.
Safety Is it safe to participate in this study? Participating in clinical trial research does come with some risks, but be assured that our friendly clinical staff (including licensed doctors and nurses) will inform you of every possible issue that may arise during the study during various stages such as the consent process and study orientation.
Side Effects How likely is it that I will have side effects? Any possible side effects will be listed in your informed consent that you must read at your screening appointment. In the event that you do experience side effects, you will be provided appropriate medical attention by our trained staff.
 Transportation Is transportation provided? In some cases, yes. However, volunteers are also provided compensation for time and travel, which can be fully discussed during our phone screening.
Visitors Can family visit me? This depends on the length of the study. Typically, for studies with in-patient stays shorter than 7 days, visitation will not be allowed. Visiting hours are Monday through Friday between the hours of 2pm and 5pm, with a maximum visiting time of 20 minutes.
Wi-Fi Is there Wi-Fi? Yes, we provide Wi-Fi to our study volunteers.

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