Patient Recruitment

Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

A history of success: 94.7% retention rate for all clinical trials.

IN-SITE Patient Recruitment Solutions

In order to expedite enrollment timelines, our patient recruitment experts use the latest technologies. IN-SITE, a division of WCCT, dedicates time, energy and expertise to patient recruitment, and currently holds a 94.7% rate of retention for all clinical trials. IN-SITE’s services can be implemented with any research program or patient population, nearly anywhere on the globe. WCCT uses data-driven strategies to enhance clinical trial patient recruitment. Our approach can be used to identify patients from any therapeutic area.

Fully customizable features can help you streamline your recruitment strategy:
  • Cloud-based retention application
  • Social media targeting
  • Patient identification system
  • Branding and ad creation
  • SMS follow-up
  • Email marketing
  • Physician relations team
  • 24/7 call center
  • SEO services
  • Website development
  • Site reputation enhancement
  • Mobile-friendly patient sign-up application

Our system locates and provides access to ideal patient populations based on ICD-9 codes and positions your study site for success.

Data Is Provided By:

  • Claims clearing houses
  • Electronic medical record providers
  • Independent physician associations
  • Pharmacy benefit management providers

24/7 Call Center Details:

  • HIPAA compliant
  • USA-based with international reach
  • Internationally based with U.S. global reach
  • Multilingual team for ethnobridging study success
  • Customizable to suit any protocol
  • Proven data collection accuracy

The WCCT Model:

WCCT will only send qualified leads to your site(s) based on your protocol’s inclusion/exclusion criteria and prescreening conditions. The pay-per-patient randomized model helps eliminate risk for sites and sponsors; you pay for the successful enrollment of patients, period.


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