Project Management

Project Management

We deliver a collaborative approach provided by a dedicated team.

Effective Planning–Accelerated Timelines

WCCT Global’s philosophy to Project Management is to provide highly productive solutions delivered by qualified and talented people.  Our approach to managing studies is effective planning and risk mitigation, which leads to overall efficiency and accelerated clinical development timelines for our sponsors. We strive to integrate our sponsors into our own internal team so they’re intimately aware of all study communications which provides them transparency into the study and the overall development pathway for their product.

The Project Manager will be the primary liaison for all parties involved in the study to ensure timely communication information and general progress of the trial for sponsor’s study teams. Project management duties will include general study management:

  • Study set-up and planning
  • Site and vendor management
  • Coordinating physicians’ hours
  • Recruitment tracking
  • Milestone/timeline management
  • General correspondence with sponsor
  • Preparation and attendance of study/project meetings
  • Assurance of timely distribution of data (i.e. real time or as close to real-time) to the sponsor
  • Ensuring development of the clinical monitoring plan
  • Reviewing and tracking the project Monitor’s activities

WCCT Project Management Team

All of WCCT Global’s Project Managers are well-versed in managing Phase I-IV, full-service clinical projects. Each of our late-stage project managers have over 15 years of experience.

WCCT has the flexibility to offer an array of contracting options for clinical project management to our partners including:

  • FSP models
  • Full-Service Project Management
  • A-la-carte services
  • Blended models


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