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Clinical Trial Volunteer Recruitment and Outreach Strategies

WCCT offers efficient enrollment of subjects from large, local populations.

Volunteer Recruitment Strategies – Location Means Everything

Situated in the middle of multiple highly populated metropolitan areas, WCCT’s Clinical Pharmacology Unit (CPU) is the ideal location to conduct your research program. Our site makes use of various patient recruitment strategies, ensuring enrollment timelines are met for your program.

Perhaps the most important factor in determining the success of any research program is the ability for sites to enroll subjects swiftly and efficiently. Over the years, our database has grown to over 55,000 volunteers actively participating in research in the Southern California region, allowing us to go beyond sponsors’ expectations in terms of enrollment and recruitment including the ability to identify unique patients for biologic trials.

These volunteers span a number of therapeutic areas and indications across multiple demographics, including age, gender, lifestyle and ethnicity. From this database, we are able to swiftly identify the number of potentially qualified subjects before enrollment has even begun.

Data-driven Volunteer Recruitment

In addition to accessing our active database of research volunteers, every program hosted at one of our many locations will benefit from our centralized clinical trial recruitment department. By leveraging data-driven patient recruitment strategies, our processes create awareness for clinical trials and identifies qualified research participants.

WCCT is a well-known and trusted resource in the Southern California region for clinical research participation. Recruitment has been conducted through various media channels:
  • Online clinical trial advertising such as engaging study branding
  • Targeted social media outreach
  • Search engine marketing with community outreach
  • Event sponsorships
  • Informational speeches and presentations

WCCT’s site recruitment department is distinct. Operating locally out of our Cypress, CA, Phase I CPU, our round-the-clock multilingual call center is staffed with representatives who speak English, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese, with the ability to add on additional languages flexibly. Follow-ups and appointments are scheduled in real time with all potential study participants. Our recruitment specialists also receive protocol-specific training, promoting efficient recruitment of every program.

Volunteer Recruitment Retention Model

WCCT’s research sites make use of a proprietary, IRB-approved retention program to increase retention rates, in some studies up to 100%. WCCT also fosters retention by making transportation available to those in need, including bus/shuttle rides, rental vehicles and travel expense reimbursement whenever necessary – making WCCT the premier choice for Southern California inhabitants to participate in clinical research.

Combined with our Participant Referral Program, WCCT ensures successful enrollment for your study, plus an ever-increasing database of active volunteers for future studies.

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