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WCCT Adds State-of-the-Art Smoking Rooms to Phase 1 Unit

Clinical testing of tobacco, nicotine, aerosols and other inhaled chemicals requires the use of specially designed testing rooms. At WCCT, our dual smoking rooms are fully licensed for medical research and are located within WCCT’s 75,000 ft2 Clinical Pharmacology Unit (CPU) in Cypress, CA. These cutting-edge rooms have unique features that are compliant with all state and local regulations and facilitate accurate testing for optimal results.


Smoking Room Features

WCCT’s 850 ft2 smoking rooms use a controlled air supply system with a 3500 CFM exhaust rate for static extraction of contaminated air. The fully enclosed, isolated air venting system maintains the highest quality of standards with micro-filtered air intake lines which act as additional measures against cross-contamination. The unit has a synthetic dual membrane coating on the walls, providing a further barrier between procedure rooms. Antechambers are located adjacent to each testing room and provide a fully enclosed ventilation system.

Compliance with Regulations

The smoking rooms were designed to accommodate combustible and non-combustible nicotine products, and each room is temperature controlled providing complete control over the dosing room environment. WCCT purposely designed the modular unit in a location allowing for additional expansion in the future, and all structures and processes are compliant with the California Clean Air Act, California Labor Code 6404.5, and California AB 13.


Optimal Air Cycle Standards

In the design process, WCCT used models and tactics implemented by Law Enforcement agencies to strategically implement safe handling procedures for combustible and toxic gasses in confined environments. By engineering the rooms and ventilation systems for optimal air-flow, WCCT can completely cycle through the air in each testing room in approximately 60 seconds. In comparison, recreational cigar lounges complete this cycle in an average of 5 minutes. The increased speed of the cycle creates a contaminate-free and stable testing environment for a wide range of aerosol products, including nicotine delivery systems, vaping devices, and inhalant medications.


Function of Smoking Rooms in Future Clinical Trials

WCCT has conducted several tobacco trials and this facility enhancement provides expanded capabilities to conduct a variety of additional trials in combustible and electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). The unit will also serve as dosing rooms for clinical trials testing aerosolized and inhaled products. We’re excited for the opportunity to use these resources to conduct more studies and facilitate research that continues to promote global health.

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