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COSTA MESA, Calif., Mar. 13, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — WCCT Global, a contract research organization that is known for their capability to conduct Ethnobridging clinical trials announced today their role in support of the largest Ethnobridging study ever conducted in the United States. The recently published article entitled, “Rosuvastatin pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics in Caucasian and Asian subjects residing in the United States”, characterized rosuvastatin exposure in Chinese, Filipino, Asian-Indian, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese and Caucasian subjects. WCCT Global was responsible for recruitment and the clinical conduct for this trial. The primary objective of the study was to characterize rosuvastatin plasma exposure in subjects from several Asian regions of the world relative to Caucasians from North America.

WCCT Global conducted this ethnobridging study in their Cypress clinical pharmacology unit where they conduct most ethnobridging clinical trials. The trial provided information that plasma exposure to rosuvastatin and its metabolites was significantly higher in Asian subgroups like, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese residing in the USA compared with Caucasian subjects also residing in the US.  Interestingly, exposure in Asian-Indians was higher than in Caucasians but lower than in the “pooled” Asian group.  WCCT Global’s CEO Dr. Kenneth Kim stated, “the study was a large success and WCCT Global was pleased to be an integral part in progressing the understanding of ethno-sensitivity in drug exposure. “I think that the outcome of this ethnobridging study is of paramount importance because it clearly demonstrates that if drug exposure is intrinsically different between populations from different geographic regions of the world it can be detected in a single trial in a single region which includes those ethnic groups of interest.  We at WCCT Global take pride in educating the members of the diverse ethnic communities near our locations about clinical trials and the importance of participation in clinical research. We focus on making sure that all our volunteers have a clear understanding of what a clinical trial is about and hope that they enjoy every aspect of their stay with us while participating in clinical research.”

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