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Are you selecting the right clinical phase 1 units for your study?

Sometimes, the selection of clinical phase 1 units is done without proper care or consideration. There are important criteria that you could be missing during your search for the perfect Phase 1 site.

In this webinar, we offer insight into the five qualities that are most indicative of a high-performing, optimized clinical Phase 1 units. Learn how these qualities can offer Sponsors significant benefits, such as substantial cost savings, guaranteed risk mitigation, contingency planning, and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • An analysis of a Phase 1 site’s internal costing exercises ensures that sites are assessing procedural/staffing fees to come up with an appropriate fair market value
  • Sites engaging in staff optimization exercises will use updated algorithms in order to align the correct number of staff with forecasted activity for the specific protocol as well as their unit’s operations
  • Risk Mitigation and Contingency Planning equips clinical Phase 1 units to prevent deviations and prepares them to respond to their occurrence
  • By taking a close look at a sites vendor usage and selection, Sponsors can ensure that key study components aren’t overlooked and internal deadlines aren’t missed
  • Evaluating a site’s ability to execute complex protocol requirements ensures that studies won’t need to be repeated due to in-evaluable data, and also contributes to overall patient safety

View the recording here:

Exclusive Offer for Attendees!

For our webinar attendees and registrants, WCCT is offering a free protocol review! Send your CDA request and protocol to to begin the discussion. We will:

  • Assess potential risks involved with clinical conduct
  • Identify any changes to the protocol which could improve patient safety
  • Suggest changes to the protocol which could increase efficiency
  • Evaluate the likelihood of successful enrollment


The presentation is designed to help Sponsors and CROs determine if they are receiving the best value, highest quality, and lowest risk from their Phase 1 clinical research units.

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